A Convergent Study on Capability and Development Priority of Curriculum and Planning Domain

Saturnino E. Dalagan Jr.1, Janine Krystine M. Lunay2
Faculty, Institute of Education and Teacher Training1
Teacher, Tarragona Central Elementary School2
Davao Oriental State University1, Department of Education, Philippines



The teacher’s pedagogical knowledge helps curriculum content to convert into meaningful learning activities anchored to the principles of learners’ needs and teaching resources. This research analyzed the teacher’s capability level in performing each objective and development priority given to each objective of the curriculum and planning domain, and the lived experiences of teachers on the performance of the curriculum and planning domain. In this, a convergent parallel mixed-method research design was used in which both quantitative and qualitative methods were conducted simultaneously. One hundred ninety-seven (197) respondents in the quantitative part and fifteen (15) informants in the qualitative part of Tarragona District, Division of Davao Oriental. The researchers used a survey questionnaire that was adapted from the Results-based Performance Management System of 2018. Interviews and focus group discussions were also held. Data analysis revealed that the teacher’s capability level in performing each objective was high and development priority given to each objective was also high. There was a low but positive correlation between the teacher’s capability level in performing each objective and the development priority is given to each objective. Qualitative findings revealed that teachers developmentally sequenced lessons; similarly, they scaffold and motivate learners to complete the tasks and plan the lessons ahead of time to ensure long-lasting engagement. The teachers utilized learning resources specifically ICT; consequently, they organized appropriate videos, slide presentations, and activity sheets that matched the instructional objectives. The teachers joined in collaborative activities to improve teaching practices; they attended sessions of school learning action cells, shared new teaching strategies with other teachers, and visited nearby schools for benchmarking. Based on the results, it is recommended to conduct a similar study emphasizing the remaining indicators of the curriculum and planning domain, namely, relevance and responsiveness of learning programs and learning outcomes aligned with learning competencies.

Keywords: curriculum and planning domain, descriptive-correlation, convergent parallel mixed method

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