Bridge Over Troubled Water”: Experiences of Retiring Teachers Shifting to a New Pedagogical Milieu in the Time of COVID-19 Pandemic

Renz A. Camaya
Republic Central Colleges, Angeles City, Philippines



This qualitative study utilized the phenomenological method, which focused on the experiences of retiring teachers in Angeles City, Pampanga during the shift to the online distance learning (ODL) modality at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of the study is to explore how retiring teachers have perceived the new normal education, the changes they have observed, the challenges they have encountered, coping mechanisms they have utilized, support received and their learning experiences in general. There were six participants identified through the purposive sampling technique and qualified within the criteria set in the study. Data are analyzed through Content Analysis. Findings reveal that participants perceived ODL with negative perceptions. Most of the participants identified changes in the new normal education in terms of instructional materials and preparations, classroom environment, and learning modality. Challenges and struggles identified in instruction are technological, time management and delivery, and motivational challenges; in classroom management are student discipline, student engagement and motivation, and student attendance; while in at the assessment are academic dishonesty, insufficient assessment activities, and irresponsibility among students. As regards the participants’ coping mechanisms, in instruction, adaptive instruction, teaching resilience, and social support are noted; in classroom management, enforcing classroom rules and routines, modeling ideal behaviors, home-school partnership, and building capacity; in assessment, assessment accommodations and modifications, positive attitudes towards students, and building capacity. Supports are also received by the participants like professional, social, administrative, and spiritual support. Further, retiring teachers had positive learning experiences in ODL. Based on the findings, it is suggested that support should be sustained, hence, professional support must be strengthened.

Keywords: Retiring teachers, online distance learning, pedagogy, teaching

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