Challenges and Alternatives of Parents as Home Learning Partners in the Implementation of Printed Modular Distance Learning

Jigger M. Tomarong1, Joel D. Potane2
Graduate School, Capitol University
Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines



Because of the risks posed by COVID-19, most public educational institutions have implemented printed modular distance learning instruction. The purpose of this study was to determine the challenges and alternatives faced by parents as they performed their role as home learning partners during the last two quarters of the school year 2020-2021 using the printed modular distance learning modality. It also sought to investigate the suggestions of parents as home learning partners. The study used an exploratory descriptive qualitative (EDQ) approach. It included fourteen parents from a public elementary school who were purposively chosen. In-depth interviews (IDI) were used to gather information. The different themes were identified through inductive coding. The study found that parents face the following challenges: lack of electronic gadgets, difficulty explaining/teaching, insufficient time, non-conforming modules, and an inconsistent schedule for SLM distribution. To fulfill their responsibilities, parents have employed a variety of coping strategies, such as effective time management, the use of ICT, approaching MKOs, motivation through a reward system, and spoon-feeding. Although parents considered various options for fulfilling their role as home learning partners, most participants preferred to unburden themselves by returning to in-person classes. To reduce their workload, parents suggest the following: (1) a free mobile phone for parents who do not already have one, (2) a free Wi-Fi zone, (3) module updates, and (4) monthly distribution of self-learning modules. Being a home learning partner imposes an additional burden on parents. It is suggested that the government or school work with other government agencies or non-governmental organizations to implement parents’ suggestions.

Keywords: challenges, alternatives, home learning partner, modular distance learning

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