Combating of Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing Activities Along Manila Bay

Maribel D. Terry1, Dr. Leah M. Donato2
1 Salay Dipaculao, Aurora, Philippines
2 Baguio City, Philippines



This study delves into the complexities of enforcing fishing regulations in Manila Bay, Philippines, where licensed fishing is a prevalent activity. The legal framework prohibits any fishing practices detrimental to the marine ecosystem, mandating penalties for infractions. The objective of this qualitative investigation was to uncover the challenges encountered by enforcement agencies and to delineate the strategies they employ. Employing random sampling, twenty-two (22) enforcement personnel from the provinces of Bataan, Pampanga, and Bulacan were selected for participation. A thematic analysis was conducted on the data gathered through in-depth interviews utilizing a semi-structured questionnaire, which facilitated the extraction of seven significant themes: inadequate equipment, an increase in false informants, adverse weather conditions, repeat offenses, joint operations, a reward system, and prosecution processes. The findings indicate a recurring issue of re-offense among violators, attributed to the inadequate monitoring, control, and surveillance capabilities of the law enforcement authorities. The lack of proper equipment further hampers the authorities’ ability to effectively enforce regulations, leading to a rise in illegal fishing activities. The study suggests the imperative need for developing a comprehensive and effective strategy to curb illegal fishing in Manila Bay, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts and a coordinated approach among law enforcement bodies.

Keywords: Manila Bay, rewards, meeting, violent offenders, patrol boats, inclement weather, active gears

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