Computer and Outdoor Games: Effects on High School Students’ Physical Fitness

Mary Ann S. Pillarda, Ed.D.
Polangui Community College
Alnay, Polangui, Albay, Philippines



The world is increasingly undergoing technological conversion and is apparently visible in the emerging trends and technological advancements that alter the traditional ways in which people used to live.  Inventions and the development of information and communications technologies and media created significant acceptance and impact on people and societies.  For years, computers have become a feature of everyday life in different countries. The proliferation of and application of technology such as online computer games have directly and indirectly influenced the youth, particularly the personality of high school students.  So is the demand to continuously identify and be familiar to appropriately respond to whatever scenario that would ascertain wholesome experiences and personality. This study dealt with the effects of computer and outdoor games on high school students’ physical fitness at Libon Agro-Industrial High School. It started identifying the profile referring to age, sex, access to a computer, computer games played, hours/week the students played computer games, outdoor games played, and hours the students played outdoor games; the computer and outdoor games, effects on students’ physical fitness, and strategies to address the negative effects of which on the physical fitness of the respondents. Data and information were obtained through the descriptive method using a questionnaire checklist, interview, and documentary analysis upon the approval of the Department of Education.  Research findings show that computer and outdoor games are both educational, and interactive, and develop motivational engagement. This research proposed an action plan meant to minimize the negative effects of computer and outdoor games and provides significant insights into the crafting of the school improvement plan (SIP).

Keywords:   Physical Fitness, Physical Education, Computer Games, Outdoor Games, Fighting Games, Yourself! Fitness, Edutainment

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