Distance Learning Home Experience and the Food Preparation Skills of Grade 9 Students in Technology and Livelihood Education

Mary Grace M. Aquino1, Dr. Edna O. Briones2
Laguna State Polytechnic University, San Pablo City Campus
San Pablo Laguna, Philippines



This study was conducted to determine the relationship between the distance learning home experience and the food preparation skills of Grade-9 students in Technology and Livelihood Education. The Descriptive-Correlational research design was adopted, and statistical tools such as Pearson r correlational analysis were utilized to test the relationship between the independent and dependent variables. Hypotheses were tested, and the findings revealed the following information: Using Pearson’s r correlation analysis, the data revealed that internet access is moderate negative significance to preparing fruits and vegetables, the use of a cooker, and cooking methods for Grade 9 TLE students. The knife is a moderate negative significance with online learning resources. Home assistance is moderate negative significance to preparing fruits and vegetables, using a cooker, and cooking techniques and thus the null hypothesis is not sustained. Hence, timely feedback, time allotment, and instructional delivery have no significant relationship with the food preparation skills of the learners thus the null hypothesis is sustained in this respect. It indicates that the learners experienced all the distance learning at home but when it comes to the food preparation skills, they still need the guidance of the teachers in performing their skills. It only shows that the teacher plays a vital role in improving the food preparation skills of the learners in distance learning. Having these findings, the study recommends that a comprehensive professional development program be implemented to ensure that online teachers will be given a chance to improve themselves in teaching virtually continuously; teachers are given technical assistance through training, workshop, coaching, and mentoring on class programming, and sharing of assignments, learning management specifically in managing online classes using the ICT and managing the school facilities and equipment may be considered as possible topics in the future learning and development programs for the teachers and future researchers may conduct a study on the distance learning experience of learners at home in the food preparation skills of the learners on a broader scale.

Keywords: distance learning, home experience, food preparation skills, Technology, and Livelihood Education

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