Division Situation Analysis and Performance Targeting: Input to Education Development Plan

Azalea A. Gallano
DepEd Lucena City
Lucena City, Philippines



This research aimed to determine the situation of the Schools Division of Lucena City in terms of the Basic Education Development Plan (BEDP 2030) intermediate outcomes and to set its performance targets for 2023-2028. This used convergent mixed research design through survey, data capturing tool, FGD, and EBEIS. WAM, Pearson’s chi-square, PLS-SEM, and thematic analysis were used in analyzing data. The respondents are 154 teachers, principals, supervisors, and program locals. Access to basic education is improved as indicated by increasing enrollment rates with projects on access as the leading practice of schools. Equity is addressed through the mobilization of SPED learning resources, increasing contact time in IPEd, and participation of Muslim learners in school activities. Quality is best considered through projects and remediation. Resiliency and well-being are promoted through partnerships, observance of DRRM guidelines, regular monitoring of the health status of personnel, and information dissemination on child protection policy. SBM implementation and LAC are practices under enabling mechanisms, with the need for more classrooms as a leading issue. A provision of an enabling mechanism entails β = 0.9120 times assurance in the provision of access to quality basic education. Quality strategies support most “future orientation competency” where a change in the provision of quality strategies results to β = 0.6571 times change in the acquisition of the competency. These research results and recommendations served as guides and input to Division Education Development Plan (DEDP 2023-2028).

Keywords: BEDP 2030, DEDP 2023-2028, access, equity, quality, resiliency and well-being, enabling mechanisms

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