Establishment of Jackfruit Meat Gourmet Manufacturing Business in Siniloan Laguna

Balencia R. Aduana, DBA1, Rizza R. Lorica2, Angelica C. Torres3,
Jovelle Narca4; izzalorica@gmail.com2 angectorres143@gmail.com3 narcajovelle780@gmail.com4
Laguna State Polytechnic University, Siiloan Campus
Laguna, Philippines



Jackfruit is a tropical fruit that commonly grows in the naturally warm and humid climates of Asia, Africa, and some parts of South America. It is part of the same family as figs, mulberries, and breadfruit. Nowadays, an unhealthy lifestyle can cause a lot of disadvantages to our health. In many cases, younger people tend to experience early diseases because of malnutrition and obesity, so the idea of food management and proper diet must be promoted. With this regard, the researchers concluded to establish a business that will manufacture healthy vegan food made of jackfruit meat. The proponents wanted to promote vegan food to the community of Siniloan, Laguna to emphasize the significance of Jackfruit in our health. The main objective of the study is employment generation by manufacturing jackfruit meat gourmet, a special diet for health-conscious individuals. Specifically aims to deliver quality and affordable products to local consumers, to promote vegan food to the community of Siniloan, Laguna; to cultivate products made of young jackfruit, and emphasize the significance of Jackfruit in our health. This determines the feasibility of the establishment of a business in manufacturing jackfruit meat gourmet. The product will be marketed to every local, particularly to household consumers who belong to the low to middle-income class society. The product is affordable, healthy, and available to customers located near the public market. The product is effective and feasible as a vegan savory product in the area of Siniloan, Laguna. Moreover, the product is retaining a high demand in the market. The competitive advantage of the product is made of locally harvested ingredients and provides benefits not only for the consumers and the enterprise but also for the local farmers. The price of the product is affordable for everyone specifically for the low and middle class of families. The preferred promotion strategies of the proponents are acceptable and obtainable. Similarly, the packaging of the product is distinctive and instructive. According to the survey gathered by the researchers, 88% are willing to purchase the jackfruit meat product evidenced by a high demand. Thereupon after gathering all the needed data required this project was found feasible.

Keywords: health conscious, jackfruit meat, malnutrition, manufacturing, vegan

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