Experiences in the Implementation of DRRM Policies and Programs in Selected Barangays in the Municipality of Tolosa; The Case of Barangay DRMMC

Princess Rodrigez-Lirios1, Leah M. Donato2
University of the Cordilleras, Baguio City, Philippines



This study pertains to the experiences of the BDRRMC Members in the selected barangays of Tolosa Leyte. It aims to explore the participants’ experiences, problems encountered, and coping mechanisms. It utilized the Qualitative Research Design through Case Study. Participants accomplished a consent form during an individual interview with the aid of an Interview Guide and an audio recording device. The researcher used Colaizzi’s method in treating the gathered data. The following themes were formulated: DRRM Policy Implementation, BDRRMC Intervention Projects and Programs, Minimal Fund Allocation, Volunteers and Community Support, Samaritans in the Sanggunian, and LGU as Reinforcement to Barangays. The findings are as follows; as to policy implementation, DRRMC policies and guidelines are implemented but with minimal initiatives in terms of policy promotion and program development, and some of the members of the BDRRMC request more orientation and capacity-building to improve their performance. On the Intervention Programs and Projects of the BDRRMC, they are using some proactive measures; Public Address System, CCTV Installation, and Pabahay Programs. Among the problems encountered; there were minimal fund allocations to DRRM projects and programs, a lack of support in terms of Training and Seminars, Equipment (Debris Clearing), Multi-purpose Vehicles, Budget for Relief Goods, and Livelihood Programs. Lastly, they cope with problems by maintaining camaraderie, resolving issues as one council despite differences, regularly conducting barangay sessions, and looking for possible ways to support the community for their livelihood. Participants shared that they can count on the LGU as their support system when concerns are out of their capability.

Keywords: Social Science, BDRRM Experiences, Qualitative Research, Colaizzi’s Method

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