Exploring the Relationship between Personality Traits and Job Satisfaction among Selected Employees in a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)

Fei Wang
Claro M. Recto Academy of Advanced Studies, Graduate School,
Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila
Manila, Philippines



This study aimed to investigate the relationship between personality factors and job satisfaction among employees. Using a quantitative research method through correlation analysis, data was collected from 150 employees in various organizations. The results showed a significant positive correlation between personality factors and job satisfaction, indicating that employees with certain personality traits are more likely to experience higher levels of job satisfaction. The study findings suggest that personality traits play an important role in shaping job satisfaction. Specifically, individuals who possess traits such as agreeableness, openness, and conscientiousness are more likely to experience higher levels of job satisfaction. This may be due to their ability to adapt to the work environment, communicate effectively with colleagues, and engage in tasks that align with their values and interests. The findings of this study have important implications for organizations and human resource management. Organizations can use these findings to develop recruitment and retention strategies that target individuals with specific personality traits. Additionally, understanding the link between personality and job satisfaction can help organizations identify areas for improvement in the work environment, such as providing opportunities for skill development and recognition for employees who perform well. Overall, this study provides valuable insights into the factors that influence job satisfaction among employees. By understanding the role of personality factors, organizations can create a work environment that promotes job satisfaction and helps to retain and engage their workforce. Further research is needed to explore the relationship between personality factors and job satisfaction in different contexts and with larger samples.

Keywords: personality traits, job satisfaction, non-governmental organizationsChina, employees

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