Factors Influencing Learners Discontinuation in the Alternative Learning System

Jigger M. Tomarong1, Camilo A. Rañoa2
Graduate School, Capitol University
Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines



This study looked into identified reasons for enrolling in the Alternative Learning System to determine what factors lead to ALS learners dropping out of the program. This study utilized a descriptive correlational design employing a researcher-made survey to gather data. The survey underwent validation by three experts in the field of research and Alternative Learning Systems and passed the validity test conducted. The responses of the participants were analyzed to determine if there is a significant difference in their profiles based on the reasons, they reported for enrolling in ALS using the ANOVA test. The investigation also looked into whether there is a correlation between the reasons reported by the participants for enrolling in ALS and the factors affecting their discontinuation. It was found that there is no significant difference in the profiles of the respondents such as age, gender, civil status, level taken, and monthly income in the reasons they reported for enrolling in ALS. However, it was discovered that there is a significant correlation between the reasons reported by the students for enrolling in ALS and the factors influencing their discontinuation. In response to the challenge of student discontinuation, it is proposed to initiate and effectively implement Radio-Based Instruction (RBI) as an alternative mode of delivery for ALS programs. Leveraging radio broadcasting, this innovative approach to distance learning has the potential to significantly enhance access to education by reaching students in diverse geographic locations, thereby mitigating the barriers posed by distance and geographical isolation. Moreover, RBI allows learners the flexibility to engage in their studies even while occupied with other activities, further facilitating their educational journey.

Keywords: Alternative Learning System, Influencing Factors, Learners Discontinuation, ALS Learners

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