Learners’ Critical Thinking and Motivation as Significant Standpoint in Whole Brain Teaching in Science

Karen Joy A. Belen1Julie Fe D. Panoy2 , https:/,
Laguna State Polytechnic University1,2
San Pablo City Campus, San Pablo City, Laguna Philippines



The study was conducted to investigate learners’ critical thinking and motivation as significant standpoints in whole-brain teaching. Furthermore, it aimed to determine the difference in the results of test scores as to critical thinking skills and determine the motivational level of the students after being exposed to whole-brain teaching techniques. Two groups of posttest design were used. Sixty (60) Grade 8 students clustered into two (2) groups were selected as respondents in San Pablo City Science Integrated High School during the academic year 2021-2022. Survey questionnaires and test questions were utilized to obtain the data. The motivation questionnaire results indicate that the respondents showed a high level of motivation after exposure to whole-brain teaching techniques in both groups and results revealed that there was no significant difference between the students’ mean test scores exposed to attention-getter whole-brain teaching techniques and brain-engager whole-brain teaching techniques. This suggests that whenever the students are exposed to any of the two sets of whole-brain teaching techniques, their critical thinking skills performance will be consistent.

Keywords – Whole Brain Teaching, Critical Thinking Skills, Motivation, Mean Scores, Science Curriculum

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