Learning Competencies in Cookery through Hands-On Activities and Personal Experiences of Grade 9 Students amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

Jeanelle R. Castillo /
Deped Quezon Province
Brgy. Cabay, Tiaong, Quezon Philippines



This study was purposely conducted to determine the relationship between hands-on activities as well as students’ personal learning experiences and learning competencies in cookery. It is conducted with a belief of findings that hands-on activities and students’ personal learning experiences can improve the students’ learning competencies in cookery. The Correlational Descriptive-Survey was used in the study. The main instrument used in the study is a researcher-made survey questionnaire on Hands-on Activities, Personal Learning Experiences, and Learning Competencies in Cookery. The respondents of the study were composed of one hundred seventy-five (175) grade 9 students from Lusacan National High School who are enrolled for the school year 2021-2022. Based on the findings of the study, Individual and Group Hands-on Activities are both practices. The Level of students’ personal experiences in learning Cookery in terms of Integration of Theory and Practice, Collaborative Work Experiences, Academic Settings, and Educational Interactions are also obviously all practice. Results revealed that Hands-on Activities to Individual activities as well as Group Activities were significantly correlated to Learning Competencies in the Cookery of Grade 9 students. On the other hand, there was a significant relationship between Personal learning experiences in terms of Integration of Theory and Practice, Collaborative Work Experiences, Academic Settings and Educational Interactions, and Learning Competencies in the  Cookery of Grade 9 students.

Keywords: Hands-on activities, Personal learning experiences, Learning Competencies in Cookery, Constructivism.

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