Lived Experiences of Youths Who Underwent Project Metamorphosis: A Case in Buguias, Benguet

Joe Nari A. Baygan1, Leah M. Donato2
Benguet 1st PMFC, Philippine National Police, Philippines1
University of the Cordilleras, Baguio City, Philippines2



The Project Metamorphosis was launched by the Benguet First Provincial Mobile Force Company to mobilize the youths in a leadership-building activity and educate them of the bad effects of joining Communist Terrorist Groups. These skills could be used by the youths in handling dynamic pressures in their lives. Since its inception in 2018, Project Metamorphosis has primarily benefited youths in Buguias, Benguet and there have been no studies conducted to review the project. This study determined the extent of the effect of Project Metamorphosis on the youth participants in Buguias, Benguet, and the problems they encountered while attending the said project. This study used a qualitative method which collects the data directly from the respondents through interviews. Further through thematic analysis of the data gathered, it answered the problem with these findings: 1. The Project Metamorphosis positively impacts the participants’ personal growth, teamwork, leadership skills, communication abilities, and awareness of societal issues. 2. The findings on the challenges encountered by the participants showcase a comprehensive approach to learning and development within Project Metamorphosis, encompassing experiential learning, mentorship, time management, and emergency preparedness. In conclusion, the participants’ lived experiences indicated collaboration with other members led to their realization that teamwork and unity are necessary. Also, indication that participants who joined the Project cultivated knowledge, skills and attitude. Moreover, the challenges encountered by the participants revealed the inadequacy of activities to achieve the desired outcome. Therefore, the study proposes modifying the Project’s program of activities.

Keywords: Youth Leadership and Development, Project Metamorphosis, Buguias, Benguet

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