Localized Learning Materials (Big Books) for Beginning Readers of Tagudin, Ilocos Sur

Imelda N. Binay-an, Ph.D.
Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College
Quirino, Tagudin, Ilocos Sur, Philippines



This study tested the effectiveness of the localized learning materials (big books) in teaching the Day Care learners. Furthermore, it determined the level of reading performance of the learner-respondents based on their summative evaluations during the three months of teaching them. It also ascertained the level of reading performance of the learners based on their posttest and tested the effectiveness of Localized Learning Materials (LLM) in improving the reading skills of the learners. Thus, it aimed to establish the level of validity of the localized learning materials based on the evaluation of five DepEd experts. Data gathered were quantitatively described by using frequency, percentage, and mean. Findings revealed that the young learners can perform better because they are motivated to learn when artistically prepared localized materials (big books) are used in the teaching-learning process. They can improve much in their reading performance when the teaching process is aided by big books. The use of localized Learning Materials (big books) is very effective in teaching the beginning readers. On the validity of the materials, it is concluded that they are very much acceptable, appropriate, and functional in teaching the beginning readers. Accordingly, it recommends that the study be replicated in a wider scope and consider including more variables. Likewise, the big books may be reproduced by the CTE (College of Teacher Education), avail for a copyright before it will be distributed to the adopted schools.

Keywords: Beginning readers, Big Books, Level of Validity, Localized Learning Materials

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