Management Competencies and Supervisory Practices of School Heads

Nesther P. Mallari
Tarlac State University
San Vicente, Tarlac City, Philippines



This descriptive-correlational study aimed to assess and find out the relationship of management competencies and supervisory practices of non-principal school heads in public schools in Tarlac Province. The study found out that the domains of management competence in Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Leading, Controlling, Decision-making, and Motivation have significant relationship to their supervisory practices. Based on the findings of the study, the level of management competencies and supervisory practices among non-principal school heads in the public secondary schools in Tarlac Province is Proficient which makes them competent in managing and supervising the teachers. The limited trainings on new trends of management and supervisory practices and Lack of funds and resources to support the implementation of projects, programs, and activities, were Often found the most common problem encountered by the school heads. An action plan was proposed to help the non-principal school heads improve and enhance their teaching competence. It is recommended that the Department of Education may conduct different trainings to improve the management competencies and supervisory practices of the school heads. For future researchers, the results of the study could also be used as reference for parallel studies.

Keywords: Supervisory Practices, Supervision, Management Competencies, Competency, Curriculum, Planning, Controlling, Staffing, Motivating, Decision Making

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