Marketing Strategies Towards Global Brand Model among Selected Resort Industry in Plaridel Bulacan

Bienvenido G. De Guzman, Jr. MBA., DBA.,PhD. BM.
Philippine Christian University
Manila, Philippines



In this section, the data generated through the questionnaires is segregated into constituent parts. Analysis of the data together with the result information is presented in the same sequence as the sub-problems. In the end, the analysis is focused on the main research on marketing strategies towards the global brand model among the selected resort industry in Plaridel Bulacan. The study aimed to analyze the competitiveness of marketing strategies among selected resorts in Plaridel, Bulacan. Specifically, determine the level of the competitiveness of resorts in terms of their physiography and climate, mix of activities, special events, infrastructure, awareness and image, and cost/value; determine the marketing strategies employed by the resorts in Plaridel Bulacan in terms of product, price, place, and promotion; test the significant difference when grouped according to the profile variables; and to propose an action plan to enhance marketing strategies of the resorts in Plaridel, Bulacan. This study used a quantitative design; data were gathered from three (3) selected resorts in Plaridel, Bulacan using convenient sampling. The researcher-made survey questionnaire was distributed in person. Weighted the weight, chi-square, percentage, and person r, were used to determine the significant relationship. The study concluded that all key factors of resorts are competitive, and the most rated are the physiography and climate, followed by awareness and image, cost/value, mix of activities, special events, and infrastructure respectively. Marketing strategies such as place is most agreed upon, product, price, and promotion, respectively. When classified by profile, there was a substantial difference in the degree of competitiveness. It reveals the highest for a customer why they revisit resorts was Fast response times at 75%, the second was Consistency across channels at 55%, 3rd was Knowledgeable staff at 52%, 4th was Clear consistent messaging at 46%, 5th was Person to speak with 37% .6th was Multiple contacts points 28% and 7th last was Easy to use tools for service for about 23%. Based on the recommendations derived from the survey under study, pointed out the importance of opening roads to help in the free flow of goods and services, and conducting surveys to determine, among other things, shop needs and requirements of Business. All of these factors should be assessed and analyzed efficiently based on the Balance Scorecard to guarantee the financial health and stability of the business, and to draw a conclusion regarding the efficiency and financial status of any business concerns. Indicates the significance of differences in the marketing strategies in the selected resort industry in Plaridel, Bulacan. The business owners implement global branding, (t = 8.08, p = 0.001), towards the tourist volume (t = 5.45, p = 0.000), in repeat visits of the resorts (t = 12.79, p = 0.000), in the effects of social media marketing (t = 9.12, p = 0.000), ads use images marketing (t = 10.11, p = 0.000), ads use in video marketing (t = 7.07, p = 0.000). This study suggested that marketing strategies derive from the interactions among marketing mix, social media marketing, and ads used in images and video marketing. As a concept, it can only be portrayed in terms of its dimensions or components. Each dimension is a result of the types of interactions of the indicators of marketing strategies in the marketing mix with the dimensions usually correlated with the dimension and (b). However, the correlation is significant, the indicator correlates more with another dimension. Based on the foregoing findings and the discussions presented in the previous chapter, the following conclusions are hereby concluded: The respondents that provided the information used in this study are successful resort business owners”. They usually possess rating levels in all the different dimensions of successful resort business owners that are suggested by marketing strategy literature. The data used reflects the true picture of the resort owner’s situation in the resort sector in Plaridel Bulacan and, since the size of the resort’s members are in the area, it could be said that it represents the picture of the sector in the whole area. The concept of marketing strategy can be described, namely, social media marketing, ads used in images, and video marketing. All the dimensions were generated by the interactions of the indicators marketing mix of social media marketing, ads use in images, and video marketing.

Keywords: competitiveness, marketing strategies, resort, tourism, Plaridel, Bulacan

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