New Learning Pedagogy in the Lens of Parent-Teacher Partnerships to Aid Students At-Risks in TLE-Home Economics: An Action Plan Development

1 Lourdes C. Custodio, 2 Sheryl S. Andal, 3 Janet D. Caraan,,           ,,
1-3 Rosario Integrated National High School
Rosario, Batangas, Philippines



Parental involvement in a student ’s education may have a substantial impact on how well they achieve in school. The quality of a student’s parent-teacher interactions influences his or her personal growth, academic performance, and emotional well-being. During the early stages of the modular distant learning deployment, the state of the new regular education setup revealed that more pupils were in danger. TLE-Home Economics, as a topic that needs mastery of practical skills, is prone to such problems when it comes to student academic achievement. This action research was made with these goals in mind: to help at-risk students by coming up with new ways to teach from the perspective of parent-teacher relationships. The study, which is based on Vygotsky’s (1934) theoretical foundation of social constructivism, employs parent-teacher partnerships as an innovation to become a new normal pedagogy for assisting at-risk students. Using a mixed-method research design, the study focused on fifteen (15) identified low-performing Grade 10 students in TLE-Home Economics. The parents of the fifteen (15) identified at-risk students in Grade 10 serve as the main medium for a combined intervention program to academically help the students’ at-risks in TLE-Home Economics. Results revealed that, in the context of new learning pedagogy, the Parent-Teacher Partnership strategy is an effective approach to help students at-risk cope with their academic problems. The result of the remedial programs, when paired with a parent-teacher partnership approach, can help students improve their school performance. The action plan is set to guide both parents and teachers in utilizing the enhanced parent-teacher partnership strategy to reduce students’ at-risk in the new normal education set-up.

Keywords: Academic performance, new normal pedagogy, Parent-Teacher Partnerships, students’ at-risks

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