Parental Involvement of Children with Special Needs in Distance Education amid the COVID-19 pandemic: A Transcendental Phenomenology

Dr. Antonette Paler1, Dr. Cecilia Elena Delos Reyes2, Dr. Reylan G. Capuno 3, Dr. Ramil Manguilimotan,4 Dr Jonathan Etcuban,5 Dr. Niña Rozanne Delos Reyes 6 , Dr. Lilibeth Pinili 7
College of Education-Graduate Studies
Cebu Technological University- Main Campus, Philippines



This study delved into the lived experiences of parents in the involvement of students with special educational needs during distance learning amid the pandemic in the Schools Division of Valenzuela City during the school year 2020-2021. 20 selected parents participated in the face-to-face and online interviews to formulate themes on the essence of the phenomena, as well as the factors affecting the distance education of children with special educational needs. Results were based on multiple interviews wherein views regarding distance learning were adjustments and readiness, the experiences on their involvement were pedagogical, relational difficulties, and having an unstructured place at home. Furthermore, the challenges they encountered in their new role as a facilitator of learning were balancing responsibilities, establishing routines, and providing sufficient resources. Based on the themes formed from the significant statements of the participants, parents perceived that implementing distance learning amidst the Covid19 pandemic serves as a big adjustment in their role as a mother, wife, and substitute teachers to their children. They experienced difficulties in the pedagogical area which lacked knowledge in teaching strategies, and motivating the child are the things that they have to face during the new normal. In a challenging role as a facilitator of learning and household duties, parents should learn how to balance their responsibilities through time management and implementing a schedule. On the other hand, factors affecting the distance education of children with special needs were Psycho-social, psychological, emotional health, and attention.

Keywords: Transcendental phenomenology, parental involvement, children with special needs, lived experience, Valenzuela City.

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