Perception and Preparation for the English Proficiency Test (EPT) among Aspiring Public Senior High School Teachers

Karen May Cesar Dotollo
AMYA Polytechnic College, Inc.




This study discovered the perception and preparation on the English Proficiency Test (EPT) among aspiring public Senior High school (SHS) teachers of Davao City. The descriptive-correlational research design was used through a survey method. There were 30 respondents identified using snowball sampling technique where the researcher relied more on the referrals of the candidates qualified to contribute to the study. Results revealed that in terms of course, majority of the respondents were non-education graduates. In terms of discipline, majority are Science majors. Aspiring public SHS teachers’ overall mean for the perception on the EPT showed that they perceived EPT as highly valid, necessary, and fair. The Multivariate Analysis of the General Linear Model revealed that there is no significant difference on the level of perception on the EPT and the level of preparation in terms of course, discipline, EPT rating, and RQA rank respectively. Nevertheless, because of the inferential statistics, the results showed a comparable result because the overall results are not large enough to say that it has no significant difference. Moreover, the perception of the aspiring public SHS teachers especially on the necessity affects their RQA rank. The way they perceive the test has an impact to their test preparation. Furthermore, the Pearson’ Product Moment Correlation revealed that there is a significant relationship between the level of perception and the level of preparation as regards to the EPT among aspiring public SHS teachers.

Keywords: English Proficiency Test, Department of Education, Senior High School, Registry of Qualified Applicants, Descriptive-Correlation

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