Performance of Grade 7 Students in Technology and Livelihood Education on the Issues Encounter in the Implementation of Modular Distance Learning

Keyselyn G. Perez1, Dr. Edna O. Briones2
Laguna State Polytechnic University
San Pablo City Campus, San Pablo Laguna, Philippines1-2



This study aimed to determine the performance of Grade 7 learners in TLE class specifically in cookery and the issues encountered in the implementation of modular distance learning. The descriptive method of research was utilized in this study. A researcher-made questionnaire was the main data-gathering instrument. Respondents were the 100 Grade 7 students of Dagatan Integrated National High School. The statistical tools that were used by the researchers throughout the study were simple frequency and percent counts, weighted mean, and Pearson Product-Moment Correlation Coefficient at a .05 level of significance. The respondents perceived issues encountered in using the learning module in terms of physical absence to great extent. While, the academic support, availability of instructional materials, learning process, learning space at home, feedback and monitoring, and assessment was perceived as moderate extent. The level of performance of respondents in terms of written works was at risk or below 75 while in terms of performance tasks they got outstanding grades. Based on the findings it was concluded that the hypothesis stating that there is no significant relationship between the perceived issues encountered in using learning modules and performance in TLE is not sustained with regards to the availability of instructional materials and feedback and monitoring of written works. Furthermore, the same conclusion was observed with regard to the relationship of the profile of the respondents in terms of gender to written works, and performance tasks. On the other hand, the rest of the variables under study were found not significantly related, hence the null hypothesis in this is reflected as sustained. Thus, it was recommended that the Department of Education may consider the findings of this study in the development of necessary academic materials. Similar study may be conducted focusing on other areas of TLE-Exploratory Course while addressing other problems and challenges met not only by the students but also by the teachers.

Keywords: Modular Distance Learning, Exploratory, Modules, Performance, Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE)

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