Personal Finance Management Framework of Employees in Private Autonomous University in Region III

Romeo C. Angeles
Philippine Christian University
Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila, Philippines



The “Personal Financial Management Framework of Employees in Private Autonomous Universities in Region 3” is an applied and descriptive quantitative study that aims to look at which financial management practices have an impact on the respondents’ financial oversight. To influence the trajectory of their well-being, the respondents must learn how to manage their daily lives, which is why this study is crucial. Pearson product-moment correlation was used to achieve this. P-values of.000 indicated a significant relationship between the identified variables. The test revealed that financial knowledge was a crucial factor that aided in improving the respondents’ readiness for future financial management. The R-value of 0.495 showed that there was a reasonably significant association between the two variables. It means that respondents’ financial management prospered more when they had higher levels of financial management knowledge This study also looked at whether respondents’ salaries were an interacting factor that influenced the strength of the relationship between the identified variables. Pearson product-moment correlation analysis failed to reject the hypothesis that monthly salary was the moderator variable significantly affecting the strength or direction of the relationship between the respondents’ financial management and their personal finance management. This result indicated that the sample did not contain enough data to demonstrate that salary was a moderator that would influence the relationship between financial management and personal finance management. However, the absence of evidence does not rule out the existence of the effect. In sum, the findings offer insightful information about the critical role that financial management plays in a person’s financial management. The findings also demonstrated that among the respondents, financial management is a crucial factor to consider for effective personal finance management. Some implications for understanding and practicing financial management among the selected respondents could be developing self-esteem and helping them build for the future.

Keywords: Financial Management, personal finance management, private autonomous university

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