Personal Narratives: A Pedagogical Intervention in Writing

Christian Cudiamat Gandeza, MAT1, Ma. Jesusa Ridor-Unciano, Ed.D2



Among all the language skills, writing is one of the neglected skills; nevertheless, it is mostly abused in terms of its use as a key activity during “performance tasks”. This study devises a guide in writing among learners and motivates to improve their writing skills that recount the daily life’s experiences, thoughts, and feelings concerning to local and global concerns. A phenomenological research design was utilized and 36 participants were selected according to the qualifications’ set that undergone through Inclusion and exclusion process. Writing outputs were collected, analyzed, coded, categorized through the content analysis and the thematic approach; themes from these narratives were emerged. Semi-structured interview and focused-group discussion (FGD) were conducted to ensure the veracity and appropriateness of the guide question through a priori code. From this, guides were laid out according to style with a focus on foreshadowing, plot twist, revelation, unexpected events, flashback, red herring, Deus ex machine, characterization, diction, syntax, tone, voice, and a combination of the kinds of communication with narratives on the lead. Results revealed that personal narratives as a pedagogical intervention for learners when guided accordingly and taken with utmost care and confidentiality provide fluidity in the creation of ideas and concepts, development of learners’ logical and critical thinking, and develop the ability to reason out.

Keywords: Life experience, writing guide, writing style thematic approach, content analysis, Philippines

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