Project-Based Digitized Module in Enhancing Scientific Competencies among Distance Learning Students

Mary Rose P. Cleofe1, Julie Fe D. Panoy2
1, 2,
1San Pablo City Integrated High School, San Pablo City Laguna, Philippines
2Laguna State Polytechnic University, San Pablo City Laguna, Philippines



This study was designed to develop a project-based digitized learning module to enhance scientific competencies among distance learning Grade 10 students in San Pablo City Integrated High School. The study utilized a descriptive-developmental research design. The researcher developed a digitized learning module based on a project-based learning strategy. This strategy was incorporated within the layout of activities included in the module. The module was created through the kotobee author application. Based on the results, the data revealed that most of the respondents agree that the elements of the project-based approach are integrated into the module. Learners perceived or “agreed” that the developed material is effective in terms of objectives; usefulness; content; presentation; and, format and language. The majority of the learners show agreement that they perceived the effectiveness of the developed Material in terms of usage, ease of use, user satisfaction, and attitude. Between the pretest and post-test scores of the respondent, it can be inferred that there is a significant difference since the p-value of 0.000 is less than 0.05. It can be determined that there is a significant improvement in the level of scientific competency skills of the students that undergoes the project-based digitized module. The overall perception of the incorporation of project-based digitized modules has a significant positive relationship with scientific competency skills. It suggests that crafting digitized modules in the context of project-based learning can be an effective tool in improving learners’ scientific competency skills. Since it was found that there is a significant link between project-based learning modules and the scientific competencies of the learners, the aforementioned strategy may be used in the teaching-learning process to strengthen learners’ capability to improve their science skills.

Keywords: Descriptive-developmental research, Project-Based Learning, Digitized Leaning Module, Scientific Competencies, Distance Learning, San Pablo City, Laguna

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