Reading Literacy and Academic Performance of Grade 11 Learners Towards the Development of a Study Guide

Mae Jean M. Andalajao-Dalanon
Philippine Christian University, Manila, Philippines



The study investigated the reading literacy and academic performance of Grade 11 learners towards the development of a study guide. The study aimed to 1) determine the demographic profile of the respondents in terms of their age, sex, and learning strand; 2) analyze a significant difference between the reading literacy of learners when grouped according to their demographic characteristics; 3) evaluate the level of reading literacy of Grade 11 learners in terms of locating information, understanding and evaluating and reflecting, 4) know the academic performance of Grade 11 learners for Academic Year 2022-2023; 5) analyze the significant relationship between the reading literacy and academic performance of learners; 6) determine the significant relationships among the skills in reading literacy of learners; And; What study guide can be proposed to enhance the reading literacy of Grade 11 learners? A correlational research design was used as the research design of the study. Three hundred fifty-one learners from five senior high schools in SDO Bacoor City were used as the respondents. Demographic profiles, reading literacy, and academic performance of learners were obtained through a survey. Results showed that the ability of learners to locate information was found to be very satisfactory. Meanwhile, learners’ understanding, and evaluating and reflecting were found to be fairly satisfactory. It was found that there were significant differences among the reading literacy of Grade 11 learners from various learning strands. A positive correlation between text processing skills and academic performance was also found. Furthermore, significant relationships among these skills were determined. The study recommends ensuring an effective utilization of the study guide created by the researcher to address the needs of the learners on their reading literacy enhancement.

Keywords: Reading Literacy, Academic Performance, Study Guide, Grade 11

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