Scanning The Pages: Struggles and Successes of Learners in the Reading Literacy Program (RLP)

Imelda N. Binay-an, Ph.D.
Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College
Quirino, Tagudin, Ilocos Sur, Philippines



This qualitative research using documentary analysis assessed the struggles and successes of learners in the reading literacy program. More specifically, it sought to determine the problems encountered by the learners; assess how the total development of the learners are being improved; identify what particular methodologies are being employed; and find out what the learners gained from the said program. In the analysis of data, the interview recordings were transcribed to arrive at extended texts. Interview with thematic analysis was used. Finding revealed that Multi and varied problems are faced by the learners during the conduct of the reading literacy program. There were mechanisms employed by the teachers that show development to the learners. Reading Methodologies vary to reach the level of the learner. Learners gained and experienced much during the conduct of the reading literacy program. Thus, it is recommended that the teachers, parents and learners must help one another to eradicate reading problems. Coping mechanisms shall be religiously carried out by the learner for them to improve and develop in their reading skill. Teacher must continue to be patient in teaching struggling readers by employing different methodologies applicable to them. Motivation is needed both internal and external. Parents must show their 100% support to their children particularly on remedial programs. Further studies maybe conducted with other variables not specified within the study.

Keywords: Struggles and Successes, Reading Literacy Program, Skills, Coping Mechanism

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