School Head’s Leadership Style to Beginning Teacher’s Performance in the Schools Division of City of San Jose del Monte

Christia C. Torres
Department of Education- Schools Division of City of San Jose del Monte



School heads’ unique and different leadership styles have an impact on the performance of their teachers, students, and schools in general (Ahamed, 2020). This study explored the effect of three leadership styles of school heads which are transformational, transactional, and laissez-faire, on the performance of beginning teachers. There are fifty-three (53) beginning teachers from the Schools Division of the City of San Jose del Monte who identified the leadership styles of their school heads and were assessed in terms of their performance as reflected on their Individual Performance and Commitment Rating Form (IPCRF). Results showed that there is a low positive correlation between school head’s leadership styles and beginning teachers’ performance. Furthermore, the study showed that among the three leadership styles, only the transactional leadership style has a significant effect on beginning teachers’ performance. The difference in results may be due to the number of years of beginning teachers in their respective schools and that there is still no strong relationship formed between leaders and teachers. Thus, beginning teachers only rely on certain rewards and punishments based on their work performance (transactional) rather than because of the relational influence of the leaders (transformational).

Keywords: education, leadership, teachers’ performance, assessment, correlation, Philippines

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