Significant Experiences of Grade 7 STE Students in Utilizing DOST Science Courseware

Jeannie Rose Hilotin
Sto. Domingo National High School- DepEd, Albay Division
Sto. Domingo, Albay, Philippines



To determine the significant experiences of Grade 7-Science Technology and Engineering (STE) class in science learning regardless of profile in times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Science courseware was utilized in this study. Specifically, this study aimed to: (1) know the demographic profile of the students (2) identify the most essential learning competencies to be supplemented by the DOST Science courseware; and (3) document the significant experiences of Grade 7 STE students in utilizing DOST Courseware.  This utilizes the descriptive research method and the purposive sampling method was also employed. In terms of statistical treatment, the researcher used qualitative analyses to gather insights from the data collected from the respondents. Content analysis was used to analyze the learning competencies suited for each of the mobile apps of the DOST Grade 7 Courseware. The researcher also used thematic analysis to determine the significant experiences of Grade 7-STE students after using the courseware materials. During this difficult time, it is vital to consider the demographic profile of students in selecting effective and efficient supplementary materials. The DOST Courseware selected is based on the Most Essential Learning Competencies and from that only three courseware were utilized. To gather data for the significant experiences digital technologies were used such as web surveys through Facebook messenger. The findings of the study suggest that most of the significant experiences of the students were found on the “visual-aided discussions” theme along with motivation; the “Presence of inquiry-based teaching features” theme along with interest; and the “Completing game-based tasks” theme along with satisfaction. Based on the results and conclusions posted in the study, the same evaluation may be conducted in all the remaining DOST Courseware and can be conducted in regular classes where technology is scarce and development is low.

Keywords: Education and Teaching, Significant Experiences, Thematic Analysis, Philippines-Asia

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