Sustained Silent Reading as a Significant Approach in the Intensification of the Writing Skills of English Language Learners

Dario M. Manata1, Cecilia B. Diva2, 0000-0002-5116-80872,
Laguna State Polytechnic University San Pablo City Campus, Philippines1, 2
San Jose National High School, Department of Education, Philippines1



This study was conducted to find out the remarkable difference between the pretest and post-test results of the writing skills of Grade 9 learners and the pre-experimental research design specifically the pretest-posttest design was utilized. With the analysis and interpretation of data, this pre-experimental study used statistical tools such as Mean, Standard Deviation, and T-Test. Hypotheses were tested, and the findings revealed the following information; there is no significant difference between the pretest and post-test results of the writing skills of Grade 9 learners. This research proved that sustained silent reading directly affects the writing skills of Grade 9 learners. This method can be applied and helpful to both parents and teachers. Having all those findings, this study recommends that since sustained silent reading is a remarkable method of teaching so educators should be accommodated in training on how to develop and carry out the program in a classroom environment, teachers may be sensitive enough to observe the urgent need of learners, thereby, being resourceful and patient, parents may be so inclined in pursuing their children’s education and help them achieve their goals. They may possess a positive attitude toward reading and encourage their children to study hard, specifically struggling learners. Learners may be responsible enough to enhance their performance by developing a habit of reading to improve their writing skills, and future researchers may conduct a similar study to see the benefits of sustained silent reading and thus improve the learners’ writing skills.

Keywords: sustained silent reading, writing skills, English language learners, pleasurable, cognitively undemanding, informative.

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