The Power Triangle of Education:
Unlocking the Relationship of Educational Research, Policy, and Practice

Dr. Adrian Lawrence Carvajal
International Development Division (Central Office),
Professional Regulation Commission, Republic of the Philippines



This research explores the intricate interplay of educational research, policy, and practice, collectively referred to as the Power Triangle of Education. The study adopts a qualitative case study design, conducting a cross-case analysis of selected dissertations to identify overarching trends, insights, and key factors that contribute to the relationship between research, policy, and practice. The findings provide evidence of the influence of educational research on policy development, with the alignment between research findings and policy development varying across the dissertations. The investigation of policy implementation in educational practice revealed both successes and challenges, with effective implementation strategies and barriers identified. The assessment of the impact of educational practices on policy improvement demonstrated positive outcomes in various domains, with the need for evidence-based practices and continuous evaluation emphasized. Barriers and enablers in the relationship between research, policy, and practice were identified, with common barriers including lack of communication and collaboration among stakeholders, limited access to research evidence, and resource constraints. Enablers included strong leadership, supportive policy environments, and effective dissemination of research findings. Based on the research findings, evidence-based recommendations are proposed to enhance the relationship and improve educational outcomes. These include strengthening the connection between researchers, policymakers, and practitioners; enhancing access to research evidence; providing adequate resources and support for policy implementation; fostering a positive and inclusive policy environment; promoting research-practice partnerships; and emphasizing evaluation and monitoring. This research contributes to the understanding of the Power Triangle of Education, providing insights into how educational research, policy, and practice interact and influence each other, and offering recommendations for enhancing this relationship to improve educational outcomes.

Keywords: Power Triangle of Education, Educational Research, Educational Policy, Educational Practice Research-Practice Partnerships

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