Using Video – Based Ebook in Teaching Writing for the Enhancement of Grammatical Competence among ESL Learners

Mary Joyce P. Tadiosa & Cecilia B. Diva,,
Laguna State Polytechnic University1-2
San Pablo City Laguna, Philippines



The study generally focused on enhancing the grammatical competence of learners using video-based eBooks. Using a pre-experimental research design, the study assessed the pre-test, and post-test scores of the respondents and their significant difference using paired t-tests. Furthermore, the respondents’ assessment of the video-based eBook was analyzed using mean and standard deviation, while pearson r was used to test the correlation between the respondents’ assessment and their grammatical competence. The respondents were composed of 41 grade 10 students who were enrolled in modular distance learning. Results revealed that before the utilization of the video-based eBook, the majority of the students have very low and low grammatical competence. In contrast, the students’ grammatical competence improved to a high level, as indicated in the post-test results. Moreover, most of the respondents strongly agreed with the video-based eBook’s content, instructional, and technical quality indicators. The null hypothesis, which claims no significant difference between students’ grammatical proficiency before and after the test, is not sustained. Lastly, the findings supported the null hypothesis that no significant relationship exists between the assessed video-based eBook and the respondents’ grammatical competence. Based on the study’s findings and conclusions, the researcher suggested that the school and teachers consider using the video-based eBook as an e-module since it helps improve the grammar skills of the learners.

Keywords: grammatical competence, video-based ebook

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