Utilization and Relevance Analysis of Government Business Support Services in Balanga City

Adona A. Tuazon -Dela Rosa
Bataan Peninsula State University, City of Balanga, Bataan, Philippines



Government has the primary role in assisting the business sector to realize profitability and progress. Government business support services (GBSS) must provide relevant assistance to ensure the effectiveness of its programs and activities. This study analyzed the utilization and relevance of government business support services to the local business community in Balanga City. The research identified the business policies of the government as the basis for business support services and described the local government unit GBSS in the city. A mixed methodology was employed in the implementation of the research study using a sequential explanatory approach. Results of the survey yielded a composite mean of 2.81 with the descriptive equivalent ‘Aware’ for the knowledge of government business support services. For relevance, the business owners verified the composite mean 0f 3.12 with the descriptive equivalent ‘Relevant’. However, business owners emphasized the underutilization of the said services. Significant information from the study is the correlation between membership in business organizations and awareness and relevance of government business support services. Narratives of business owners described the factors affecting the utilization and relevance of government assistance to the local business community. Analysis of data indicates correlations of the given variables. The study infers that business owners who are engaged with business organizations have a high level of awareness and utilization of government business support services. Recommended intervention is to develop programs to engage business owners in government business support services. Another is to create business organizations that will assist the LGUs in reaching out to the business owners, unifying the local business community, and engaging them in Qbusiness support programs.

Keywords: Government business support services, utilization of government business assistance, relevance of government business programs

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