Utilization of Lexical Proficiency Worksheets in Enhancing the Reading Comprehension of Senior High School Students

Julieta S. Deduque1, Cecilia B. Diva2,, 2
Laguna State Polytechnic University, San Pablo City Campus, San Pablo, Laguna, Philippines



This experimental and descriptive study was conducted to enhance the reading comprehension of 177 Grade 11 HUMSS students of Tipas Integrated National High School through the utilization of Lexical Proficiency Worksheets (LPWs) designed and integrated with the Course Reading and Writing Skills given for eight weeks during the 3rd Quarter of the School Year 2021-2022. It is a quantitative type of research that used correlational design and purposive sampling techniques. It used pre and post-test, LPWs and perceptionnaire as research instruments. The study revealed that the pre-assessed level of comprehension skills among respondents before the LPWs’ utilization ranged from non-reader to independent level while the post-assessed level of comprehension skills among respondents ranged from frustration to independent level after the utilization of LPWs. The respondents perceived the quality of designed LPWs as very satisfactory in terms of objectives, content, format and language, usefulness, and satisfactory in terms of instructional delivery. The hypothesis stating that there is no significant difference between the pre and post-assessed level of reading comprehension before and after the utilization of LPWs is not supported.  Additionally, the hypothesis stating that there is no significant relationship between the perceived quality of the designed LPWS and the respondents’ reading comprehension is not supported. The designed worksheets contributed a lot towards enhancing the lexical proficiency and comprehension skills of the learners.

 Keywords: Lexical Proficiency Worksheets, Lexical, Literal, Interpretive, Applied, Affective Comprehension Skill

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