Awareness on Learning Delivery Modalities (LDM) and Readiness of Pre-Service Teachers in Remote Teaching Internship (RTI)

Margarita A. Galang 1, Marciana T. Torillos, EdD 2, Myra F. Ruin 3, Narcisa M. Paz 4,
Criselda A. Gonzales 5, Kathleen Lorraine B. Gino-gino 6, Cristina E. Malabayabas7



The widespread adoption of various education delivery modes during pandemic has created enormous change particularly, in terms of learning delivery modalities and teaching internship. This descriptive comparative and correlational study aimed to determine the level of awareness on learning delivery modalities (LDM) and readiness of pre-service teachers in remote teaching internship (RTI). The participants were 90 female and 28 male fourth year students from the Laguna State Polytechnic University-Los Baños Campus, Philippines’ College of Teacher Education (CTE). A validated research-based online questionnaire with Cronbach a ≥ 0.70 was utilized to gather the required data and information. Frequency counts and percentage were used to describe the pre-service teachers’ profile, while the level of awareness and readiness was determined by weighted mean. The significant differences were tested using t-test and F-test while Pearson Product-Moment Coefficient of Correlation with Kendal’s tau and Spearman rho were employed to test the significant relationship. The study found out that the pre-service teachers have moderate awareness of LDM with the calculated mean of 4.25 and found ready to conduct RTI with a mean of 4.16. The study failed to reject the hypotheses that there is no significant difference in the pre-service teachers’ level of awareness on LDM and readiness in RTI when grouped according to age, sex, and course. However, a P-value of 0.001 showed a significant relationship between their level of awareness on LDM and readiness in RTI, hence the hypothesis stating otherwise was rejected.

Keywords: learning delivery modalities, remote teaching internship, awareness, readiness, pre-service teacher

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