Vulnerability of LSPU Students Learning and the Resilience of LSPU Administration Amidst Covid -19 Pandemic

Dr. Juliet A. Caramonte
Laguna State Polytechnic University
Laguna, Philippines



Covid-19 Pandemic has impacted higher education institutions which majority of institutions in our nation were unprepared for the COVID-19-related enormous migration from campuses to homes and the stay-at-home instructions. Flexible learning environments take into account how classroom time is used, how students are divided for learning, and how physical space is used. Interactive techniques are used in learner-centered education to engage students and enhance their skills. The quality of instruction, the environment, the pace, and the procedures, evaluated how vulnerable the students’ learning remained. This study’s findings show that even amid a pandemic, students are secure and protected. This study assesses the resiliency of the LSPU Administration and Faculty in terms of their contributions to service delivery in terms of actions/ contingency planning, school management committees, relationship networks, and their process for teachers’ professional development in the face of the COVID-19 Pandemic. There are 315 students from the university’s several colleges who take part in the specialized study of LSPU Siniloan Campus. All of the academic departments in our university received survey questionnaires using Google Forms. It is emphasized that students’ motivation is more likely to depend on a variety of social and psychological factors and that the highest mean of 4.30 shows that student learning is fragile in terms of high-quality education. Personal interests and worldviews are examples of psychological factors that affect how the mind works. The school offers online classes (Synchronous) for a variety of college programs at least once a week, which speaks to the administration’s resilience in terms of contributions to service delivery of actions or contingency planning. Quizzes, in-class assessments, standardized tests, and student projects are all part of the curriculum provided by the school administration in terms of service delivery and educational features.

Keywords: Vulnerability, Resiliency, Contingency plans, Service delivery

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