What Happens Next: Status of Negros Oriental State University Faculty Retirees, 2010-2017

Justin Jose A. Bulado, Ph.D. 0000-0002-5368-4958
Social Science Department
Negros Oriental State University (Main Campus 1), Philippines



This study focused on the retired faculty members of Negros Oriental State University (2010-2017) who are residents of Dumaguete City, the capital city of Negros Oriental. It sought to obtain their emotional profiles. Likewise, it aimed to identify the problems encountered including familial, non-familial, and environmental concerns during retirement and their corresponding causes, and their visions and aspirations. It employed the survey method with a researcher-made questionnaire as the main gathering instrument. The problems that the retirees faced and its causes were quantitatively described using frequency counts, percentage, and ranking. A qualitative description of the visions and aspirations of the retirees was also made. The findings of this study would serve as the basis in formulating interventions on preparing the faculty members for retirement and developing appropriate programs and services to assist retirees and the elderly as a whole in achieving a sense of fulfillment, satisfaction, and integrity in life. Results revealed that most of the respondents of the study indicated that their life as retirees did not largely affect their disposition in their way of life. Most of them are still optimistic about their present status, even with the ineluctable, if minor, problems that they face along the way apropos of health, financial resources, community problems, housing, social, emotional, and physical environment. Matter-of-factly, they even aspire to serve again if given the opportunity. Thus, it can be inferred that age should not be considered as an encumbrance or a limitation for an individual, and retirement does not indubitably imply stagnation.

Keywords: Social Science, State University Retirees, Assessment Research, Negros Oriental, Philippines

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