Technological Capabilities of A Higher Education Institution in Quezon Province: Basis for Organizational Competitiveness Framework

Dr. Flormando P. Baldovino
Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation



Technological advancement is consistently seen developing and evolving in such a fast phase which consequently brings challenges to a number of key players in the industry including that of the academe and higher education institutions – for which the same are thrusted to deliver quality education. With the ever-increasing development of technology and its integration into an organization’s systems and processes, a decision regarding its implementation and use is a challenge, more so on capabilities and opportunities brought about by these phenomena. One important consideration for a globally competitive higher education provider is technological transformation. This study dwelled on the technological capabilities of a Philippine higher education institution (HEI) located in the province of Quezon. A total of three hundred three (n=303) individuals consented to participate in the study. Furthermore, the imperatives on how higher education institutions can self-develop towards technological capacitation were explored, to support its mission and vision, and continue its delivery of teaching-learning amidst the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity of the education industry. Specifically, the dimensions of information and communication technology infrastructure, technology adoption, human capital, investment innovation in technology, and innovative technology environment were conceptualized as basic tenets of technological transformation. The impact of these dimensions on organizational competitiveness was measured using partial-least square structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM). The practical implications of this study are to contribute to the theory and practice of technology in education and fill the gaps in the limited literature resources on technology transformation in education, particularly in the province of Quezon.

Keywords: technological capability, organizational competitiveness, higher education institution, Quezon province

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