Lived Experiences of Police Regional Office Cordillera Personnel Charged and Suspended for Misconduct Cases

Laborah May Q. Nabunat & Robino D. Cawi
University of the Cordilleras,
Baguio City, Philippines



Forty-one percent (41%) or 132 out of the 321 complaints lodged against personnel of the Police Regional Office Cordillera between 2018 and 2022, concerned allegations of improper conduct. One hundred eighty-five individuals residing in the area were responsible for the 132 reports of misconduct. The researchers conducted a study to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the testimonies provided by personnel charged with misconduct offenses and subsequently suspended at the Police Regional Office Cordillera. The research utilized a qualitative approach principally hermeneutical-phenomenological methodology. The study’s findings primarily reveal the extent of police officers’ involvement in misconduct offenses, the effects of suspension on their careers, and the support and intervention provided to suspended individuals. A variety of factors, including individual carelessness or negligence, vices, family disputes, and the non-payment of debts or obligations, contribute to individuals’ participation in misconduct cases. The suspension profoundly impacted the respondents’ experiences as police officers, resulting in a range of advantageous and disadvantageous outcomes. Furthermore, according to seven out of eight respondents, the Philippine National Police failed to provide coordinated assistance or support, and the overwhelming majority of those surveyed abstained from involvement in reform-related initiatives.

Keywords: Misconduct, Police Accountability, Suspension, Inherent Administrative Disabilities, FORM Police

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